Making online ordering easier.

Simmer is everything you need to take orders online.

Focus on what you do best. Let us take care of your online ordering.

Drive business with a branded website on your domain.

We help food businesses sell more food online with branded websites and a straightforward online ordering.

Deliver faster.

Simmer's real-time order dashboard will improve your delivery times.

Simmer keeps track of every detail automatically and gives you powerful insights into how your business is running day to day.

Grow your customer base.

Simmer Boost drives traffic to your website. Simmer loyalty keeps them coming back for more with great rewards. Fan clubs help you build a tribe around your brand.

Take back control.

Your business should not be reduced to a mere listing in Just Eat. Simmer gives you total control over your web identity and your brand.

Simmer gives you everything you need to take orders, process payments, and give customers an exceptional experience—without writing any code.

Super Low Pricing.

While our competitors are charging 7% to 15% commission per order, we are proud to shake up with game with our super low 2% commission plan for only €49/month.

Unlimited orders, no set up fee, no hidden costs, cancel any time.

It really is as straightforward as that.

Our guarantees:

  • You get paid straight away for each order.
  • We will never limit the amount of orders you can take.
  • We will pay careful attention to your feedback.
  • If you don't like Simmer, you can avail of our 60 day money back guarantee.

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Start using SIMMER today.

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